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Trimble Juno T41 External Battery Pack

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Price: $260.00

Item Number: TR647
Manufacturer Part No: ACCAA-114
The External Battery Pack (EBP) provides nearly double the run-time between charge cycles. In mobility solutions that have processor-intensive applications or that heavily use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or cellular WWAN connectivity, the load on the battery is high and the External Battery Pack provides the power you need to get work done without downtime to recharge. The EBP features a 3.3 Ah lithium-ion battery, plus intelligent controller logic to optimize the user experience and maximize the total available run-time.

How to Use the External Battery Pack:

The External Battery Pack is designed to deplete its battery charge first, and to keep the Juno T41 battery close to a full charge. When the EBP is depleted, you can remove it from the Juno T41 and recharge it while continuing to use the Juno T41. Most users will find that that the EBP is fully recharged and ready to use before the Juno T41 battery is fully discharged. After the EBP is installed, it will recharge the Juno T41 battery until the EBP is discharged.

Users also have the option of charging the EBP and the Juno T41 together. The EBP will charge the Juno T41 battery first and then it will charge the EBP battery.

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